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Today, I’m going to talk about a liqueur that has been or at some point will be added to you drinking credentials, no matter if you want it there or not.  Goldschläger is one of those “rite of passage” drinks that is often presented to you at some point in your drinking career.  And just like all the drinks that fall under this title, there is a reason you have to try it at least once.  No matter how much you love or hate it, you have to try it at least once.  Plus, the bottle has real gold flakes inside.  It says it on the bottle, so it must be true.  We will get into all that later.
     Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps, a clear liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it.  Despite having Swiss origins, Goldschläger is a product of Italy.  The actual amount of gold is very small and is more of a visual attraction. The German word Goldschläger actually means “gold leaf maker.”  There is currently less than a tenth of a gram (0.1 g) of gold flakes in a 750 ml bottle of Goldschläger, which, as of 28 September 2007, amounts to about 2.39 USD on the international gold market.
     First off, let me tell you all the stories about Goldschläger tasting like a certain cinnamon gum are true.  It almost tastes too much like cinnamon.  I don’t know if the burning feeling in my mouth is from the flavor or the sneaky 87-proof that the bottle boasts.  Yes, that’s an eight and a seven; it’s not a mistype.  Most liqueurs are usually very weak and seem to lean towards mixing rather than stand alone drinking for that extra alcoholic kick.  This is one strong cinnamon beast of a liqueur.  It’s the cinnamon-covered Incredible Hulk of the drinking world.  Hmm…that sounds like a good name for a drink.  I made it up first, and no one use it.  It’s mine!  Check the forums for the actual drink when I decide what the ingredients will be.
     Now I said before that Goldschläger could be a stand alone drink, but that did not mean it would not make a great mixer.  The actual drink of choice for testing the mixablity was called an apple pie (equal parts Goldschläger and apple juice).  If you haven’t tried this, do yourself a favor and order it next time you’re at the bar. I’m not a big Goldschläger fan, but this shot is delicious.  That cinnamon flavor really helps out when mixing drinks.  It works with a lot more than you would probably think it would.  So if you aren’t a big fan of it alone, try it mixed before you turn your nose up at this one.  Plus, the morning after isn’t too hangover-ridden.  It comes as easy…well…as easy as Sunday morning.

Artikel billede

A bottle of Goldschläger


The title of this article contains the character ä. Where it is unavailable or not desired, the name may be represented as Goldschlaeger.
Goldschläger is an Italian cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof; originally it was 53.5% alcohol or 107 proof), a clear liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold leaf floating in it. The actual amount of gold is extremely small and serves as a sort of novelty: there is currently less than a tenth of a gram (0.1 g) of gold flakes in a 750 ml bottle of Goldschläger, which, as of July 9, 2008, amounts to about 3.00 USD on the international gold market.
Despite having Swiss origins, Goldschläger is a product of Italy and the brand is owned by Diageo. A similar alcoholic beverage that contains gold is Gold Strike and another liqueur with floating bits of gold leaf is Danziger Goldwasser, a German root and herbal liqueur which has been produced since at least 1598. The German word Goldschläger ("gold beater") designates the profession of gold leaf makers, who beat bars of gold into micrometer-thin sheets.
A few years after its introduction, Goldschläger was reformulated to contain less gold due to some alleged accounts of individuals suffering allergic reactions. A common rumor about Goldschläger is that the gold flakes cut the throat or stomach upon ingestion, allowing the alcohol to directly enter the bloodstream for quicker intoxication. In reality, gold is known for its softness and malleability, and given that the flakes do not have sharp edges, no such lacerations occur.
Goldschläger produceres i Italien af det engelske firma:
Diageo plc
8 Henrietta Place
Main switchboard:  +44 (0)20 7927 5200
Diageo Denmark A/S
Strandvejen 32 D
2100 København Ø
Telefon 39155000

Goldschläger forhandles IKKE i Danmark (kontakt evt London)


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1133131-01-2012 14:37:09 drikkeABC
Vi har forhørt os hos Diageo, som oplyser at de ikke forhandler Goldschläger i Danmark. De vil ikke oplyse om der er en konkurrent på det danske marked.
1133230-01-2012 08:51:00 Malene
Jeg har snakket med salgsafdelingen hos Diageo Denmark A/S, og har fået at vide at det ikke er noget de distribuerer. Er I sikre på at det overhovedet er Diageo der producerer dette produkt?? Jeg vil nemlig MEGET gerne have fat i en flaske!!! :-)

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